Community Meeting #3 - Frequently Asked Questions & Responses

The following is a summary of a frequently asked questions obtained through comments during the Horizon West Regional Park Community Meeting #3

FAQs and Responses:


Q: Can you continue to make these virtual sessions available?

A: The website will continue to be live until the project enters the design phase. All prior engagement materials and results from the meetings and survey can be viewed.


Q:  Will there be an effort to secure more funds for phase 2 and beyond happening concurrently with work taking place over the next two years?

A: Yes. The County is working to identify additional private and public funding sources for the ensuing phases.


Q: is there a risk that funding will not be available to proceed? If that happens, does the plan go on hold or would modifications be considered?

A: There is always a risk of funding not being available however that is not the plan. The intent of developing a master plan is to ensure that all development ultimately comes together into a unified, seamless plan.


Q: When were comments taken? Concerned that not enough residents provided input.

A: There has been a total of 3 public meetings and an online survey. The first two meetings were conducted in-person and were attended by approximately 200 people and 75 people respectively. Approximately 1,000 people accessed and viewed Community Meeting #3. Additionally, almost 2000 people participated in the online survey conducted in conjunction with the public meetings. The development priorities for the park were taken directly from the expressed community needs through the public engagement process.


Q: Can you provide the schedule for phases 2 through 5?

A: The schedule for phases 2-5 will be contingent on funding availability.


Q: Is there a planned date for the final completion of all phases?

A: The final completion of all phases of development will be dependent on future funding


Q: Could you provide some additional detail on why so much money is being spent on restoration and infrastructure, and why so few amenities are included in phase 1?

A: The restoration work included is a statutory requirement for the development of the park and the infrastructure included in phase 1 is what is required to open and safely operate the park. The upfront investment in grading, drainage, sewer, water, access, parking and restrooms is needed to be completed early so that future phases of development do not require disruption of previously installed improvements. The majority of the $10 Million of funding that is currently available will go to these infrastructure needs with the intention that additional amenities can then be easily added.


Q: Will trails be included in phase 1?

A: Yes. Some trails are included in phase 1 and there are trails included in ensuing phases.


Q: Have you considered raised boardwalk for trails?

A: Yes. Some of the trails are planned to be raised and / or boardwalk.


Q: Why does the disc golf course(s) plan get pushed into phase 2 development?

A: The disc golf course, as well as several other amenities are scheduled in the 2nd phase so that the basic infrastructure to operate the park safely can be installed prior.


Q: Can tennis/pickleball courts be included in the initial phase? When will they be available?

A: Pickleball courts are scheduled to be in Phase 2 and Phase 3, while tennis courts are scheduled for Phase 5. The timing of future phases of development will be contingent of funding availability.


Q: Will they be YMCA affiliated with the proposed YMCA sites on property?

A: Yes. The YMCA was engaged in the planning process and has expressed interest in a colocation on the site.


Q: What is the size and capacity of the amphitheater in the proposed plan?

A: There is no specific size and capacity for the performance area in the proposed plan, but it is intended for local events and performances.


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Community Meeting #1

Our first community meeting for Horizon West Regional Park was held at Bridgewater Middle School 5600 Tiny Rd., Winter Garden, FL 34787 from 6 to 7:30pm.

Community Meeting #2

Our second community meeting for Horizon West Regional Park was held at Windermere High School Performing Arts Center, 5523 Winter Garden Vineland Rd on Wednesday November 13th, 2019 from 6-7:30 pm.

Community Meeting #3

Join us for our third community meeting for Horizon West Regional Park. Meeting will be held online beginning September 8th, 2020 at 6:00 PM, and lasting until September 29th at 9:00 PM. Participants are invited to view a presentation on the the project progress and next steps, and provide feedback on the master plan.

Presentation to Board of County Commissioners

Planned for Fall 2020; come support the plan for your new Horizon West Regional Park! Date to be posted soon.

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